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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 11PM  CBS  November 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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cleveland 19 news sponsored by national carpet outlet, ohio's flooring superstore. asking questions and getting answers, cleveland 19 news starts now. >> can i ask you about your handicap? >> i didn't realize it. i was getting to court. >> the sign is right t is that all you got to say? >> denise: chief investigator carl monday is getting answers why some city workers are parking in handicapped spots and why some are getting away with it. his investigation is coming up. >> romona: first, breaking news happening across the country. thousands of people including dozens right here in northeast ohio take to the streets tonight protesting the outcome of the race for the white
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could govern our country over the next four years. a crowd of about 60 people marched their way through downtown cleveland blocking traffic and shutting down streets. >> denise: the protest stayed peaceful, but they want people to know they are not sitting idly by. >> reporter: for two hours they marched over to cleveland state university. many of them told me upset with the election results. they believe it is important to voice their beliefs. >> not my president! >> reporter: shouting as they walk down the street, a few dozen people gathered together protesting president-elect donald trump. >> he is homophobic and tramsphobic and that is not okay. >> reporter: for nearly two hours young men and women marched through the streets of downtown cleveland. even some young kids took part in the protest.
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president. >> reporter: many of the protesters met in the square as they walked through town chanting. others joined. >> seeing this rally going down the street lit a fire under my butt and i joined in. i am so thankful i did. i am fired up now. >> reporter: some people held signs and others stopped on the side of the middle of the street in square house square. they ended at cleveland state university and there they stood in holding hands. protesters say they want peace in our country. >> donald trump made comments that are sexis st and homophobic. you can disagree with the politics, but there is hate involved in his campaign. if people are upset and afraid they are not alone. we are all here together. >> reporter: i am told there was not a lot of planning involved.
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others joined making it way through downtown cleveland. people are proud to see people from different background come together to reach the same goal they all share. denise? >> denise: thank you, shelby. now that donald trump has been elected a lot of people are wondering who will he put in his cabinet and can any of those choices come from here in ohio 1234* dan deroos is in the answer center looking at who can fill the all important spots. >> dan: let's get the john kasich thing out of the way. that's highl happen. the thing you are about to notice on a lot of these guesses and that's what they are, but we will find out over the next couple weeks, you will notice a pattern. these are individuals who stood by trump from the beginning. some of those who deserted him will not make the cut. newt gingrich has been with him from the beginning. it is possible he could be chief of staff or secretary of state. >> chris: tee may be in line -- chris christie could
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staff or attorney general? rudy guiliani is almost assured to get a position of some sort, chief of staff, secretary of homeland security, that's probably the most likely or the national intelligence director which is the cia director. then you may not have heard of senator jeff sessions from alabama somebody who stood next to trump the entire time. possible secretary of defense. he has a military background, attorney general or secretary of state. joining the cabinet is dr. ben carson, obviously one-time opponent of trump, but the two of them were about the only two that got along. you may see him as secretary of education or secretary of health and human services. again these are positions that we will start to see people assigned to over the next couple weeks as this transition takes place. getting answers in the answer center, back to you. >> denise: and we have continuing coverage of the nation's transition into the
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cleveland 19 news app. we posted what you can expect from the first 100 days in office. >> romona: a 30-year-old mother pleaded not guilty to child endangerment after she snuck a sippie cup filled with vodka into a high school football game. her toddler drank from the cup and got sick. the boy had to be rushed to the hospital and that's when doctors called police. her son is now staying with a relative. >> romona: and now to chris stories. >> we just learned five people were shot in seattle about an hour ago. two of the victims have life-threatening injuries. it took place where hundreds of anti-trump were protesting, but police don't think the march and the shooting are related. >> chris: alarming news if you have a yahoo! account. they are looking into whether or not a hacker has access to half a billion user accounts. a hacker september -- sent
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users' accounts. yahoo! is investigating and they have not looked at all of the files. names, e-mail addresses and birthdays of more than 500 million users were stolen in 2014. >> chris: and late tonight brad pitt was cleared of a claim of abusing his 4 14-year-old son on a plane in september. he is in a custody battle with his soon to be ex-wife, angelina >> denise: thank you, chris. voters have approved the use of a genetically modified mosquito to help fight the zika virus. the nonbiting mosquito would give the zika infected insect a fatal disease in the hopes of wiping out the virus. statewide there have been 192 cases of mosquito to human cases of zika since july. >> romona: lakewood police and the fbi are pleading for your help looking for a missing mom
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apartment last month. roya was last seen on october 16th. the 24-year-old's husband was arrested for a protection order violation, but not charged in this case. if you know where she is, please call police. >> denise: a major blow for 1200gm workers. they are out of work this coming january. we just checked and gm says they are not sure when the people could come back. gm is trying to deal sales of the chevy cruz. laidoff workers will get unemployment benefits and supplemental pay while out of work. >> romona: looking ahead to tomorrow, the cavs will visit with president obama at the white house to celebrate their nba championship. i can't believe we are still celebrating. we will have complete coverage of the historic visit on air and on-line and tony zarrella will be there and will have
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>> jeff: we are looking at our feazel roof cam. many spots are in the 30s tonight. we do have a warm up on the way before some more changes as we get into veteran's day. the first alert forecast in the next segment. >> and looking for a way to save money while doing your holiday shopping for the kids? we're getting answers on how you can do just that coming up. >> hey, how are you doing? do you realize this is reserved for handicapped parking? >> romona: and drivers parking in handicapped spaces who aren't handicapped. our chief investigator carl monday said police are not even handing out tickets. carl is getting answers, next. >> denise: and we are monitoring thousands of anti-trump protesters taking to the streets in several u.s. cities. these are live pictures from seattle. we'll have an update for you
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spy -- live from cleveland's news center, driven by don joy 7 toy -- joseph toy toyota in kent. >> denise: we are monitoring breaking news. these are live pictures out of chicago. several anti-thrum -- anti-trump protests are happening across the country.
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being smashed in new orleans. one person was arrested in portland, oregon and there is a protest going on in seattle right now. there was a protest here in cleveland earlier this evening. there was a smaller protest than these, about 60 people. that was calm. we will be keeping an eye on things tonight and bring you an update if needed. >> romona: back at home, finding a parking space in downtown cleveland is not easy. it can be even more difficult challenged and especially when the designated handicapped spots are used by people who aren't handicapped. >> wait until you see who the biggest violators are. carl monday is getting answers. >> it says right on the sign. parking for handicapped drivers only. >> you are parked in a handicapped spot. >> a dispute over a handicapped parking space. getting loud. >> sir, this is a blue line. look down.
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>> you're not? oh. >> assault is when i do something like this. that's assault. >> parking in a handicapped spot is illegal and expensive. a ticket could cost $250 or more. >> do you guys take that pretty seriously? >> no exceptions says the city public works director who oversees parking enforcement in cleveland. >> if you don't have a nd be parked in the handicap zone. >> no matter who you are? >> no matter who you are. >> we found it does matter when it comes to getting ticketed. >> that includes the handicapped spaces in the front of city hall. >> records show 164 handicapped tickets were issued since march of 2014. of the 31 tickets appealed, only one was tossed out and two reduced by the hearing officer and all three involve city employees.
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>> one of the challenge tickets belongs to deputy gordon. gordon was ticketed for parking his perm vehicle -- personal vehicle on city hall. he talked about it on hidden camera with our producer. >> i was wrong. no joke. i was there for six minutes. >> >> i just it be reduced so it is plausible. >> he had the good fortune of making his case before brian ma hone who is still under investigation after we reported he wiped out a fine on his own traffic ticket. gordon who had -- dash who at $90,000 a year saw his ticket
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>> it's not right. >> reporter: martha got ticketed at the same meter and unlike gordon her what challenge was denied and with interest she now owes $275. >> that $275 and $250, i'm sorry, that's ridiculous. >> reporter: at least gordon was ticketed. at the justice center, the handicapped parking signs are largely ignored. the spaces are taken by law enforcement >> can i ask you about your handicap? >> i didn't realize it. >> i was getting to court jievment what if i use that excuse? the signs are right there, officer. is that all you got to say? >> there are people that really, really need them and they are taking up available spaces for those who need them. >> reporter: finding a suitable parking space is more than an inconvenience. >> i have a spinal cord
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i broke my neck at c6 and c7 and i am paralyzed from the chest down. >> we were in pursuit of a handicapped parking spot. nearly every single space taken by a government vehicle. >> no plaqard. >> we saw police officers from bedford and garfield heights and lorain and patrol cars from cleveland and an suv from the highway patrol, a housing court bailiff and the department of public safety and cops from the cleveland clinic. >> how are you doing? >> do you realize this is reserved for handicapped parking ? >> reporter: all parking in the handicapped zone. not a single one was ticketed including a fire department vehicle that was blocking a fire hydrant. all taking spaces that could
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>> do you ever have trouble finding a spot? >> oh yes. yes, they have to circle around two or three times to get a spot. >> reporter: city wide we found 6,000 handicapped tickets written over the past two years. less than 10 a day. rarely issued to those who ought to know better. government employees. >> this is handicapped over here and wondered why all of the officers are parking here. >> well it is time to move then. >> reporter: no excuses says director cox. >> so if someone is parking there and they are not getting a ticket then there is a problem. >> reporter: getting answers on a growing parking problem in downtown cleveland. carl monday, cleveland 19. >> denise: after we pointed out the parking problem the mayor's office said the city will start cracking down on illegal parking by law enforcement and city employees. >> romona: if you like to drink pop every day, we have a
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just drinking one can a day can increase your risk of becoming pre-diabetic by 50%. and it is left untreated that could lead to serious health problems or even death. researchers say diet pop does not increase your risk of developing the condition. >> denise: you can rack up big bills doing christmas shopping for the kids. and tonight we are are getting answers on how you can save money while still crossing off the important things on their list. first, be careful on black aren't good deals to begin with. check the prices on-line to make sure you are getting a good deal. and you want to buy bundled gift cards if you can to make purchases. stores like costco sell the bundled gift cards for a discount saving you money. use rebates and coupon sites. small rebates and discounts will eventually add up.
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bargains on-line. >> jeff: i am still waiting for chia pets to offer rebates. >> denise: we did not get them last year. ramona and i did not get ours. we are calling you out. >> jeff: we are warming up again. how do you like that? it will be a 180 from what we saw today with the sunshine and the warmer temps. right now the sky is clear and it is g tonight. starting your day tomorrow, the coats are needed. once the sun comes up it will be a rapid warm up into the morning and the afternoon. we will be well in the 30s especially inland. a frosty start and you will be with the old scraper in the morning. warmer though along the lakeshore. here you can see the temps at 10:00 in the morning approaching 50 and then at 1:00 we are well in the
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tomorrow on a day like that we will hit our high around 3:00. although there is a small chance of showers on friday and that's veterans day. here is tomorrow evening at 7:00 and you will see the next system . and this will end the warming trend, the one-day warm up. that will be on friday. you can see the front crossing through. strong north winds and not much rain. spotty showers. the front comes through and we'll cool down to 50 and then we'll drop into the 30s on friday night. but by saturday even with the sunshine, 48 and we will warm up the second half of the weekend. it will be a sun-filled weekend out there. clear and frosty overnight. the weather impact is a two and you can see we will be in
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morning. gusty southwest winds over 25 in the afternoon. 38 at 8:00 a.m. and 62 at 5:00. 63 in ago -- 63 in akron-canton and we will drop to 50, but then hold steady around 50 on friday becoming sun flea on saturday -- sunny on saturday, but cool at 48. 34 the low on saturday night and sunday it is back up to 55 with more sunshine it stays dry. look at that. no alerts coming up in the next seven days. ramona, over to you. >> romona: all of us are constantly on our smartphones and a new study suggests the amount of time you spend on your phone could affect the
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we've got answers on why this could happen from a doctor at university hospital. >> maybe if you don't sleep well you look at your phone more often, but the other alternative is looking at your phone explosions you to blue light and it is alerting and can inhibit your sleep and fragment your sleep throughout the rest of the night. >> romona: don't i know it? how do you improve sleep? trade in your phone for before bedtime and it could help you get a better night's sleep. >> denise: a note from a southeastern ohio mom has gone viral. it has been liked by 33,000 people on twitter. all she wants for her family to do is stay out of living room until thanksgiving. she cleaned the living room and she wants it to stay clean. she wrote special permission may be granted to go in x but it comes with stipulations,
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clothes. >> romona: when i was growing up women had all white living rooms and you didn't sit. what a waste. >> denise: oprah had this lady on about the people who leave the marks in the carpet and there are doctors who can help. that's all i have to is say. >> romona: how can the browns hold on to the lead against the ravens if they get one tomorrow. that's coming up in sports. >> get breaking news and weather 19 news app. powered by the calvetta
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now, this is ther -- this is the serpentini chevrolet sports report. >> the browns are a day away from taking on the ravens. they lost to those guys in week two. they will get some get back tomorrow.
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about a thursday night game is that it lets it put thursday night's loss in the game. and it is in prime time. the nation will be watching terrelle pryor who could shine on the national stage. he was asked about being under the lights. >> it is another opportunity. when the lights come on it should booy like every game. obviously we will play with the lights on all the time, but it is another game. we h bring it every game. i'm looking forward to it. i'm very excited and i look forward to playing on thursday. >> mark: when they lost in week two it was josh mccown at center. and now kessler gets a shot. his numbers are not too bad for a rookie, but he needs to help them finish games. they played well in the first half and then tanked in the second half. the rookie knows they gotta start finishing this thing off. but it has been nice getting
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>> we did a good job of starting fast and that's something we are taking pride in. like i said time and time before you have to do that the whole game. you have to be able to do that in the second half and finish games and continue to make plays and finish on third down and do prent things like that -- do different things like that. i watched film on those games and try to see what i can do better in those areas and what we can do to push us on second down to help with third down. everything goes with. it it is start fast, but we want to continue the momentum. >> cleveland 19 in the belt way at baltimore. cavs are meeting with president obama tomorrow afternoon. and tony will have coverage of that in the afternoon and then baltimore to you cover the browns h of ravens game. think about this. tomorrow at the white house, barack obama, president-elect donald trump, lebron james and tony zarrella. that's a big day.
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>> romona: right now we are taking a live look. that is a protest that is happening in los angeles. a huge crowd is out there protesting again the election of donald trump last night. >> denise: let's get another look at the 30s. we have lots of sunshine expected on our way to a high of 63 before the next cool down. >> thank you for joining us tonight. be sure to join our morning team at 4:30 a.m. >> we hope you had a great evening and have a good day
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>> stephen: hey, neil! he, man, i've been looking all over for you. i'm so glad you're on the show tonight but what are you doing up here? >> well, you know, tas peace and quiet. >> stephen: yes, this is a great place to get it. >> i just want to commune with the cosmos. that's how i roll. >> stephen: yeah, i get that. listen, you know, you're so much fun to have the show, but i gotta say, the way people are feeling, it might be hard to do a comedy show tonight. >> you know what we do in moments like this in my field? >> stephen: what? >> we invoke the cosmic perspective. >> stephen: what's that? >> that's what earth look likes from high above, not just, like,


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